Harry Potter – Snow Globe

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  • Snow wizardry: this Harry Potter snow globe features an adorable Caricature figurine of Harry Potter himself, adorned in his Hogwarts robes
  • A unique idea: liven up the room and have your favourite Wizard by your side. A cute snow globe for fans of the Harry Potter series, This collectable is perfect for your desk, shelves or bedside table
  • Officially licensed: this is an officially licensed Item Made with quality craftsmanship. The Harry figurine inside ABS globe, approx 9cm (3.5) tall, filled with purified water and glitter
  • Geek goodie: fans of the Harry Potter books and movies will love this Harry snow globe. This is a great themed bedroom decoration for kids, tweens, and teens
  • Eco-friendly: this product is made using BDP which stands For breakdown plastic – an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at Landfill

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