IT – Pennywise Icon Light

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  • Novel design: this Pennywise light serves as an original piece of geeky bedroom décor without being too bulky, making it easy for storage when not in use
  • Collector’s Item: it and Pennywise have grown incredibly popular with a highly dedicated fan base spreading across the whole globe. Add this original night light to your collection.
  • Unique & Useful: add a fun new piece of memorabilia to your own collection today. Instantly recognizable and beloved worldwide, this item is a crazy fun accessory to keep or to give.
  • Licensed show Merchandise: this novelty collectable makes a unique addition to any game room. It’s a perfect collectors item to give for birthdays, Father’s Day, valentine’s day, and more
  • This product is made using BDP which stands For breakdown plastic – an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at Landfill without affecting either it’s structural integrity (before Landfill) or the recyclability of the product

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