Naruto Shippuden: Anime Heroes – Jiraiya Action Figure

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  • Step into the world of Naruto – Jiraiya, is a talented and famous ninja known as the “SANNIN” the legendary three ninja of Leaf Village. He is the student of the Third Hokage, teacher of Minato and the person who taught Naruto Rasengan.
  • Manga Inspired Packaging – Each Anime Heroes line has manga inspired packaging and beautiful artwork on the front featuring the characters you know and love.
  • Endless Play – Each figure come with 2 sets of interchangable hands, character specific accessories, and 20+ points of articulation to pose and play in endless ways.
  • Impressive Likeness – Each figure comes with detailed sculpt and true to show features that Anime Heroes action figures are known for.
  • Collect them all – Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America has a full line-up of Naruto action figures for you to show off your fandom and collect your favorite characters.

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