Nerf: Fortnite Targeting Set

28.40 Με ΦΠΑ

  • PRACTICE YOUR TARGETING SKILLS: Practice your dart-blasting aim and accuracy with this set that includes 2 Nerf Fortnite micro blasters, a target, and 10 Official Nerf Elite suction darts
  • SUCTION DARTS STICK TO TARGET: Comes with 10 Official Nerf Elite suction darts that stick to the target
  • 2 MICRO BLASTERS: Includes 2 mini-sized blasters — Micro TS-E and Micro HC-E — that are easy to use: load 1 dart, pull the priming handle, and press the trigger
  • TARGET STANDS OR HANGS ON DOOR: Play different ways with a target that you can adapt to your play area — it stands on its own or hangs on a door — great for indoor Nerf battles!


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