Lord of the Rings – Balrog Vs Gandalf Light

35.00 Με ΦΠΑ

  • GANDALF & THE BALROG: This amazing 3D figural light captures the moment at the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm when Gandalf encountered a Balrog of Morgoth breathing fire from its nostrils, but Gandalf stood firm declaring that the Balrog could not pass.
  • LIGHT UP THE BATTLE: Highly detailed and standing 37cm tall, this amazing light perfectly captures the ferocity of the battle with fire burning all around when it is illuminated by using the USB cable included. Gandalf leans on his staff and in his other hand holds the sword Glamdring, gleaming cold and white as he faces the Balrog.
  • ONE FOR THE COLLECTORS: Supplied in a full-colour Lord of the Rings branded gift box, this beautiful light is the perfect present to give to any fan of Lord of the Rings or J. R. R. Tolkien’s other fantasy works. Plus, collectors of official LOTR merchandise will want to have this item in their collection of memorabilia.
  • OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: Perfect gift for all Lord of The Rings fans, superb quality, this Lord of The Rings Balrog Light is officially licensed and approved by Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited.
  • DESIGNED IN THE UK: Designed responsibly in the UK by Paladone, the award winning, global selling, consumer products company.


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